Onkyo A9010 to MacBook Pro (USB C) - Best way to connect?


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hi folks,
Just after advice re best way to connect my MacBook Pro to my new Onkyo A9010 mainly for Spotify playback.

My guess is USB C adaptor to RCA but noticed I also have an optical & a coax slot.

Already running a turntable through the phono input.

Also any advice re best place to pick up relevant cable much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for any help offered :lesson:

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Why not look at a USB DAC like Audioquest Dragonfly RED / Cambridge Audio DAC Magic / Cyrus Soundkey they would all give you a substantial upgrade on your Macbook Pro's onboard DAC and would allow you to use on of your analogue input channels on your amp.


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Thanks, didn’t know about DAC

I might consider that but it’s extra £70+ I wasn’t planning on spending- plus Id still need to buy my analog cable (I need about 4-5m).

Might ask Richer Sounds to demo a Soundkey to see what difference in quality is.

I bought a USB C to 3.5mm adaptor for my Macbook only to discover it actually has a 3.5mm port. Will return it to Curry’s for my £10 back.

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