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Dec 2, 2015
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I so a review or ad for the onkyo a-9010 and then i wanted to try one since i can get one for less than 200 euros.

Also when i opened my Denon PMA-915r (bought used) it was dirty from some non dust related on the main board i cleaned with some alcohol, it made me think omg i want a new amp in mint conditio, spent 2 hours cleaning it (almost as if i had ocd despite liking the sound from my denon amp) and wanted to try the Onkyo a-9010 (best new low budget amp)

The problems is just that the phono stage is below avarage,below the amps general sound quality when i google the amp.

The new version is the Onkyo A-9110 and it's a analog only amp (like that), but i have no idea of the quality of the phono stage, no usefull video review, no other review than the steve guttenberg review, you know the audiophiliac and that's a basic review although it handles speakers like the Kef LS50 pretty good according to steve.

Onkyo aims high with its new low price amplifier

So the big questions is, how good is the amp, 6 month old, not really any usefull reviews or videos.

Specs say 110 watt in 8 ohm and 190 watt in 4 ohm,230 watt in 3 ohm (dynamic power) i guess it's 2x55watt in 8 ohm and 2x 95 watt in 4 ohm and 2x 115 watt in 3 ohm right? (have speakers that goes down to 3.6 ohm)


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