Onkyo 905/US PS3 80gb - Help needed

Gareth W

Active Member
Need some help here please :thumbsup:

I recently bought a new US 80gb PS3 in readiness for an upgrade to my system-including the new (ish) 905 receiver-and first foray into Blu Ray.

I had a 1 hour demo of a Sanyo HD projector in my house and the PS3 worked fine right out of the box. After that (which was about 2 or so months ago) the PS3 has sat there unused in the AV cabinet waiting for the complete install to be finished (long story, don't worry about it :thumbsdow)

Yesterday was the day of the new projector install (JVC HD-1) and for the rest of the system to be all hooked up to the Onkyo TX-NR905 Receiver so we were all set. The installer managed to get the Sky HD and HD-DVD sources playing with both sound and vision, but with the PS3 we had problems. Basically at first there was an error code and no sound or picture.

Then on subsequent attempts (through both the JVC projector and Pioneer plasma-with HDMI/Scarts etc) the PS3 output sound on start up but we couldn't get any picture whatsoever.

I'm no expert but am really hoping there is an update/upgrade that my PS3 needs and that will resolve the problem without too much of a big hassle-or are there known issues with the Onkyo/US PS3's? Would really appreciate any feedback/help from any PS3 (US version)/ Onkyo experts out there :hiya:

Thanks very much.

p.s. have also posted this in the PS3 forum (if ok mods?) in case it might be the culprit.

Mr Ess

Active Member
I have a US PS3 and a 905 and don't have any trouble at all. My PS3 is one of the first (Feb 07) 60gb ones. I use it on a AE1000 projector and all is well. My PS3 is running on the 2.35 firmware but had probably version 2.1 or something when I purchased the 905 a few months ago. Never missed a beat. Have you tried both outputs of the 905? I assume youve tested HDMI cables and tried the PS3 straight into your projector and plasma?

You mention scarts which must mean you have eliminated the 905 from video switching and plugged straight into your plamsa. Does this work?

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