Onkyo 828 randomly switching on - what gives?


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I've noticed it before and dismissed it but had cause to get up in the middle of the night and whilst in the kitchen I honestly thought someone was have a fight or something on the driveway.

In the living room, the 828 had just come on. Stays on for a bit then goes off again. Probably the 3rd time I've noticed it.

Anyone know why?


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What do you have connected to your AVR?

e.g. my Foxsat-HDR (and most other freesat devices) powers up at 03:00 every morning for around 15 mins to get updates, epg data and auto channel retune info (it also does some other 'housekeeping routines' at the same time)... Now the hdmi control on the -HDR is none too bright and might cause the AVR to come to life (even though it shouldn't really do so)?


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Sky box, PS4, Bluray player and HTPC - I think it might be from the TV though - Sammy F8500

Might be as you say, its looking for updates or doing something "smart" and turns the receiver on. Not a big deal but puts the wind up you in the early hours :)


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Have you got network control switched on? Might be something on your network that is switching it on if you have...

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