Onkyo 705 or 606


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looking to get my very first av receiver and i'm stuck between the Onkyo 705 and 606, i just need to get some advise with regards sound performance, does the 705 really sound any better then 606 for the extra £200, or is that just for the THX badge i'll be paying for. Thanks.


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The Onkyo forum would be the best place to ask. I can't recall the exact differences but the 705 prob has more power (always welcome) and pre-outs, which are useful if you plan on using the receiver as a processor only and hooking it up to a pre/power amp or integrated hifi amp for music.

I wouldn't concern myself with THX, that badge seems to be stuck on everything these days...


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Does anyone have an update on this or managed to compare the two amplifiers?

Only £100 difference between them now pricewise - I will only be using them to power quad lite 5.1 set up without a subwoofer.

Given I'm not really going to be pushing the amp I reckon the 606 should be fine. Any thoughts?

Any help much appreciated. :thumbsup:

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