Onkyo 674E + Banana Clips....


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Hello all,

I've been buried under manuals, cables and speakers for the last 2 hours, so if this is an extremely daft/obvious question then I apologise:

I'm trying to connect my airlocked QED speaker cable to the back ports, but they won't fit. I know the amp is banana plug compatible, so where am I going wrong? Do I have to remove the caps for holding unterminated wire?

Grateful for your help!


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Don't think they take 4mm banana plugs, I have not noticed any caps. The binding posts are faily small.


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Evening ScottishAndy

I'm using banana plug on my Onkyo 674 amp. Daerve is correct - there are small plastic inserts in the terminals that you need to remove using a small screwdriver. If you insert the screw driver into the centre hole and adjust the angle so it pulls against the plastic inner lug you will find this then comes out easily. The banana plug can then be used.

Hope I've explained it OK.



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