Onkyo 609 signal drop outs


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I have a rather strange problem with the 609, since the last firmware update 20-12-2011 everytime I switch on the AV has problems on finding the incoming signal, CABL/SAT or DVD, the first 10 min after switching on, the image goes away and comes back, the sound keeps going on, it is like the AV does not detect the incoming signal anymore.
Sometimes need to do 2 or 3 times a switch off/on before it works properly.
Now since last night it does it also randomly while watching the TV.
Allready did twice a reset (all the settings are gone that is no fun) but does not seem to help.
The HDMI cables are 1.4a
Anyone an idea what is going on ?


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Well Onkyo (the designated lab for Belgium) replaced the HDMI-board and now everything is working again as it should.

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