Onkyo 609 and Apple TV question


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I currently use an Apple TV in two different ways, firstly as you would expect to view multimedia/rent movies etc, and secondly as a way to project photos onto my LCD from my NAS. Ideally, in the 'photoframe mode' I would like to use the audio input from my Sonos system.

What I would like to do is to be able to effectively have two sources using the HDMI from the Apple TV each with different audio inputs. 3

i.e. source 1 - Video - HDMI from Apple TV, audio - optical 1 (Sonos)
source 2 - Video - HDMI from Apple TV, audio - HDMI from Apple TV

I can see in the settings for the amp that different sources can share the same digital audio input but I can't see a way of allocating the same HDMI input to two sources.

Anyone else doing this? have I missed something? any ideas/workarounds?



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You could split the HDMI (with a cheapish splitter) and connect them to different inputs. Each input could then have its own audio feed.

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