Onkyo 608 and Mac mini


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Wonder if anyone can help, I have a new 608 with the 15pin dsub vga input on the back. I cannot get this to work with my mac mini. I have tried lots of different resolutions and nothing seems to work. I have also tried a DVI to HDMI cable but cannot get this to display either. If I connect my laptop to the port however it seems to work fine.
Wondered if anyone else had tried this combination...


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I have the exact same problem regarding the pc input with my Core Duo Mac Mini (my pc laptop works too). Though I did get the HDMI input to work (via DVI-HDMI adaptor) before the digital video output of the Mini broke. But the Mac and the 608 had serious trouble syncing with 720p/60Hz.
I often had to reboot the Mini, sometimes in safe mode and then again in normal mode. And on top of that the picture was with all resolutions somewhat shifted to the side (not overscanning) so that part of the left side of the picture disappeared. And there was a black border on the right side.
That didn't happen when I connected the Mini directly to my projector.

Now that the digital video output of the mini is broken (doesnt work with my computer monitor via DVI or with my projektor via DVI-HDMI, but it does work with my monitor via DVI-VGA), I would really like the pc input to work

Any suggestions how to solve this?...

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