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Onkyo - 606 or 875?


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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I'm going to be buying the Kef 3005.2 speaker package, and have been given conflicting suggestions from the people in the various shops I've been. Some are saying I should get the Onkyo TX-SR606, but others are saying I should get the onkyo TX-SR875.
Has anyone got any advice. I just want good sound, and am worried because one dealer told me I'd need the 875 to get the best from my speakers.
Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.


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Do you need any of the additional features of the 875? It has a pretty serious upscaling chip on board, more power etc. As you're pairing the amp with some small budget speakers, I don't see the point in spending £1k on an amp. Did the dealer give you a reason why you should spend £1k on it? I would stick with the 606 IMHO. I'm sure it will be more than adequate and has plenty of bells and whistles, connectivity, upscaling and so on and if it's anything like the 605, it will also sound good. Check whifi's site, there is an online review of it there.

Don't worry though and enjoy your kit! If you still have some doubts, ask them to demo both and if you think the 875 is worth it, go for it but I personally think it would be overkill with those speakers.



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Hey guys, just reading your thread, I am looking to get the Onkyo for some Monitor Audio speakers..

again is it worth the money? Its ideally going to be powering some hi-fi equipment (tape, radio, turntable) and video's (Sky, Nintendo and BluRay)


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moving to the correct forum,the Onkyo forum.!!


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Thanks davepuma. You've actually said what I was thinking at the back of my mind anyway. The only major thing I'd want extra that the 875 does is the upscaling to 1080p as opposed to 1080i, but I'm not surel that is worth an extra £600.

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