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ok so i received my 606 last week and its my first AV amp and through searching this and a few other forums I know the amps do run hot but could someone please tell me if where I've placed mine will damage it.

My TV stand is one of those long black glass alphason stands same as this one http://www.comet.co.uk/shopcomet/product/362760/ALPHASON-TV-stand-up-to-50-inch

The 606 is on bottom left as you look at it.

It didnt fit in at first so I removed the feet then I'm left with about 1" clearance on the top.

The only thing next to it is the SKY HD box which all the way over to the right then above the 606 is a Wii then the middle speaker then an 360 (made sure this was a long way from the heat!)
It's open all around the unit in a good size living room.

Now like I said I know they run hot and after an hour or so the top of the 606 is too hot hold your hand on it and some of that heat is passing to the glass shelf above (hope it doesnt cook my Wii!)

My question is this

Is this amount of heat normal?

Will I damage the 606 having removed the feet and only have an inch clearance above?

Many thanks for your help.:thumbsup:

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AV Amps are designed to run hot however you could find the excess heat may partly be because you have compromised the airflow through the unit by taking the feet off. The Onkyo amps units draw in cool air through their bases and the resulting warm air is released through the top grills. I haven't seen a 606 yet as the first batch came and went out on the same day we received them but I am pretty sure the casing will be the same for this model.

If the unit does overheat there are safety cuts outs which will shut the amp down to avoid damage to the unit.




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The manual says to allow 8 inches of clearence, now I'm pretty sure thats overkill for most owners, they are covering the arses in case someone burns their house down but it goes to show how important air flow is.

As has been stated, they have a thermal sensor and will shut down before damage should accure.

It also probably depends how hard you run the amp, more noise = more heat


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With the thermal trip, will the unit just reset after it cools down - or will it need intervention?

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