Onkyo 605 & Xbox 360 flicker


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Hi all.

Well I went for the 605 in the end, Still setting it up.

One problen I have is that when I plug my 360 into the composite on the amp, I get flicker on the games. I have tried it on 3 diff composite inputs and they are all the same. :(

When I plug the composites straight into my Pioneer TV ther is no flicker at all.

Anyone else had the same problem/ any ideas ???



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Am I getting the names mixed up.

Its the Green, Red & Blue RCA connectors and the White and red for audio.

Has anyone else connected their 360 up to a 605 and is having the screen flicker ?

If you are playing Bioshock, (which is awsome BTW), and then go into one of the game menus, that's where u can really see it, when the screen is not moving.

Come on guys, I'm counting on you for a flicker free Utopia.:D



jake arms

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Mutha64. these are component cables you are using. if theyre going to the amp. are your using component out the amp to the plasma. maybe try switching the cables round. or output via hdmi. just a thought.


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It may be something to do with the de-interlacer trying to de-interlace a progressive image (as component isn't digital), but I don't know how to turn the feature on/off. Sorry.


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The outfout from the amp is via HDMI.

I may just get some extenders for the audio cables to the amp and just leave the component straight from the 360 to the Plasma.

Thanks for your comments.


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