Onkyo 605 Problems!

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Hi all,

Just wondered if I could be helped, I've had the onkyo 605 for a year nearly and paired that with a Q acoustics 1000si and 2 1050s. Occasionally the amp would switch off blinking it's light, that happened randomly and sometimes only happened once and then when switched back on was fine. Occasionally it would persist to annoyance despite checking cables and replugging and end with me leaving it and trying another day. Recently it's been happening alot, I've done the VCR/DVD and power check, comes up with 'clear' but still does it. Only when I have one of the 2 1050s unplugged does it stop. This makes me wonder if my amp can't handle my speakers? The 1050s are 100w each, and the amp does 90w per channel with 7 speakers. I'm wondering what's wrong here as its driving me mad!

Appreciate any help,


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The speakers shouldn't pose a problem for the amp to drive. The 1050 floorstanders have a nominal impedance of 6 ohm which is not in excess of what is recommended for the amp. The issue may be the speaker you say the problems isn't apparent when it isn't connected? What happens if you only connect it and not the other speakers?

What volume levels instigated the cutout and protection circuitry? Is the amp overheating or are you using levels higher than 100db?

The amp was renowned for its overheating and reliability.
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