Onkyo 605 - is this what I need?


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Advice needed - hifi for music and 5.1 surround for movies

Looking to buy an amp/reciever and also speakers to go with it and need some expert advice please? This certainly seems the best place to get it from!

Looked at Onkyo 605 for amp and for speakers either Jamo A102hcss or Tannoy SFX 5.1. I have a budget of around 400-750 for both items.

At this stage looking to play music and also watch movies utilising the amp and speakers but later this year going to buy a LCD 40" TV (looked at Sony Bravia 3000) and Sony 250gb DVD/HD to add to set up.

Longer term I want a way to get rid of some of the clutter in my CD racks (900+ cd's) so was hoping could go down the route of streaming music/digital?! (ie external hard drive or something?! help?!). Therefore whatever amp I go for needs to offer this capability at a later date.

Speakers need to be reasonably small but good power and clarity on music. Really don't want floor standers but happy with small speakers on stands.

Could you tell me whether the Onkyo 605 will serve my purpose (ie all necessary connections etc) or do you recommend something else? Also what do you think to the Jamo or Tannoy with this set up?

Please help me - I have been researching for about 2 months and am getting more confused the more I read!!!


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Why'd you post this twice? I replied in your original thread.

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