Onkyo 605 HDMI Connection Problems


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I have an Onkyo 605 connected to a Sony BDP S350 and a Toshiba 32WLT66.

I am unable to get a reliable HDMI connection between the S350 and the Onkyo 605. I am able to get a connection if I power cycle the system in the order S350 --> TV --> Onkyo. I get image and sound, but the connection will fail after around 10s.

Randomly, I will be able to get a permanent connection, but this is very rare.

I have tried

  • Changing the input on the Onkyo
  • Reconnecting the system
  • Power cycling in various orders
  • Reseting the Onkyo and the Player
  • Using different HDMI cables
  • Connecting directly from Player to TV - works fine
I was wondering if anyone has solution or has experianced similiar problems.


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Hi mate,
Have you got the problem sorted out yet ?
I am having the same problem also.
My machine is under warranty, but i do not think much will get done if i return it at the moment due to x-mas.
Very frustrated.

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