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Onkyo 605 B&W 602 S3's But which Sub ?


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OK guys I have finally decided to go for this amp to connect to my HTPC which has HDMI sound and vision straight off the motherboard.

I have bought myself 4 Brand new B&W 602 S3's and a LCR60 S3 for a steal, (mind you I did travel to the other end of the country for them).

Now my question is, what Sub ?

I don't know anything about subs but I have been reccommended to get a Rel Quake. Do any of you have any suggestions, I don't want to pay a fortune though. I just want something to compliment my speakers and give a good Umph




If you have 602's, i'd be tempted to look at either the 705 or ideally the 805. I'd never recommend an amp below £700/800 to run the B&W 600 series, they need way too much control. If you're going to use them on the small setting, it won't be so bad, but then it sort of defeats the object of going for larger speakers. If any amp can't control a speaker properly, you'll end up with a soft, loose bass void of definition and detail. This could also result in boom problems.

Again, because of the bass the 600 series produces, i don't think the Quake will be up to the job. If you're going to use it subtely, then fine. But if you need something to kick over and above the 602's, you'll need something more substantial, something like the Rel T2.


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What about the BK XLS200 - Any good ?
Excellent for the money and broadly comparable to the MJ Ref 200 at £650, with which it shares a fair bit of heritage. Definitely able to deliver serious punch beneath the 602s and would relieve the 605 of trying to control the B&Ws prodigious bottom end.

Given the recommendations above, you may be better off searching out the Mordaunt Short MS309i for about £200 and putting the extra into the amp.

Extra bass is nice, but muddy and indistinct dialogue will wear thin pretty quick.



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Mmm interesting comments

Now I definitely don't know what to do. It took me ages to decide on the 605 I didn't really want to spend more than £400 and I really wanted to just use the 1 HDMI cable from my HTPC to the amp for sound and vision.

Do the speakers really demand that much power from an amp? I have to admit, when I went to pick them up, I was a little surprised at their size for bookshelf speakers. I thought that maybe Shrek had them on his bookshelves.:rotfl:

So now I am in a mess again, I thought I had it all planned out except for the sub, with a definite leaning towards the BK XLS200

Plus I am off next week and I want to get my new kit in and have a play.

Now I really don't know what to do :confused:

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The 600 series needs a well controlled amp to stop them booming too much. It's not that they're hard to drive, they just need a lot of control. You could set the speakers to small which will relieve the amp of some LF duties, which i'd say is about your best option. Otherwise it's a case of changing to smaller speakers.

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