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Onkyo 509 Woes

Vander Graff

Standard Member
I have purchased an Onkyo 509 for my PC system and all is not well. I intended to use the HDMI from the PC (via Radeon HD5850) but although okay with video, it was intermittent with audio.Whenever the source was changed on the PC, the sound would go. I therefore used the SPDIF optical and the sound is fine. I now have a video problem where the screen has a compressed image. The desktop (and whatever is on the screen) is using around 90% of the screen. The desktop has a blacked out frame of around an inch all the way around. Switch back direct to the PC and the picture is fine. No matter what I set the desktop settings to, I get the same at any resolution.

I originally bought an Onkyo about a year ago but took it back because it would not process video from my Sony Bluray player. I bought the Onkyo purely because of the internet radio function.

Any ideas???


Distinguished Member
AV reciever are designed to be used with a TV and hence only output/process standard TV resolutions i.e. 1080/720 etc. What resolution are you trying to use on your monitor? PC monitors/resolutions tend to be higher than a standard TV hence if the Onkyo is outputing 1080 this could explain the border around the monitor image.


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Simple reason for the resolution problem. When ATI gfx card detects that you are using a none PC source ( IE a tv ) it adds black bars to the edges to counteract the overscan most tvs have.
Putting it through the receiver is having the same effect ( it will be running at a slightly lower refresh ).
Easy to fix just adjust the following settings in catalyst control panel


To fix your sound issue just make sure the HDMI audio drivers are installed and the hdmi output is set to default out from sound within control panel


Hope this helps!
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Vander Graff

Standard Member
All works, now after a few attempts.
I had to mod the case a little as the HDMI socket on the PC was a little blocked and was not allowing the HDMI to locate 100%.

I am using Power DVD 10 but I dont seem to get any of the processing to work. I have either, All Channels Stereo, Mono, Direct, TV Logic or Direct. I dont seem to have any options other than those.

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