Onkyo 507 - does it have 24 fps pass through

Yorkshire Paul

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I have just purchased an Onkyo 507 to replace some old kit I have. I am planning to purchase a PS3 for multimedia and blue ray capabilities and also a 32 inch LCD (not decided on specific model yet, maybe Sony V5500). I have noticed that the Onkyo 507 can pass through 1080p but it does not mention anything about 24 fps. It may be being stupid but I would prefer to purchase a receiver which can give me the best quality, at this price point.

I can still return my 507 and wait for another receiver if it cannot pass though 24 fps.


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Hmm - you are right nothing on the Onkyo website. However, previous Onkyo models do not seem to have problems (possibly the 806?) and the 606 could so I would presume the 507 can.
But, is your PS3 relatively new or has it had firmware updates? If it has then it will have a forced 24p mode as well as the original PS3's Auto/OFF.
If you do have handshake problems (which I seriously doubt) then this forced option will disregard any such problem with no detriment to quality. So you'll get 24p no matter what!
Sony allowed this option because there are so many problems linking components together via HDMI.


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Onkyo don't list 1080p/24Hz passthrough for any of their AV amps, not even the top of the range models. They do list it as an output feature of their DVD players though or rather they list it in a firmware update for one of them. This sort of implies the receivers will be, but there's no official statement saying as much.

Yorkshire Paul

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I have not purchased my PS3 yet so it should have all of the updates on it when I do.

I have also read that the Onkyo should pass through 24 fps when forced from a PS3. The 507 is a good receiver for my requirements and I do not really want to change it. Would 24 fps make a noticable difference on a 32inch LCD screen?

I was consdiering the new Sony SRTDH800, but I was unsure if this had the same issues as the STR DG820 on receiving analogue sound as I only have basic cable at the moment not connected nia HDMI leads.

Thank you for the replies as I have been reading this site a lot for advice etc and it has been very helpful.

Yorkshire Paul

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Reposnse from Onkyo helpdesk:

Regarding to our information, 1080p/24 is only possible in the HDMI

Looks like it can accept 24 via HDMI.


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Anyone able to tell me where I can find this "Through Mode" in the menu's?

I've looked high and low and failed to spot it.


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My understanding of the Onkyo AV amps with regard to passthrough is if the source is 1080p it just leaves it alone, defacto passthrough. I could be wrong but I also have not seen a menu option for this in the setup menu.

On the remote(for the 607) there is a Video button on the remote which when pressed(Reciever/Video) will bring up a listing for passthrough: Through, Auto, 480p/576p, 720p and 1080i. Check for something similar.
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I have a 507 and can confirm it is fine with 24p

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