Onkyo 507 Dell 1340 Nvidia 9500 picture but no audio


Hi there

Just bought the 507 and have PS3 and sky box hooked up fine.

Problem is with the laptop. From reading around (extensively), I understand people have had trouble, unfortunately I haven't found a solution.

When I go onto the input channel of the laptop, the 507's display flashes HDMI for a while, then shows DSP. The picture displays fine, but no audio.

I have checked the sound settings on Windows (7x64) and the sound card correctly shows the nvidia HDMI out as working and default, with sound passing through.

The sound was working on my TV.

Interestingly the display does show HDMI and PCM multich whilst the pc boots, but flidks to DSP at welcome screen, so I am guessing this could be an NVIDIA driver issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I've responded to your PM's but just to post here..

My guess is that the Nvidia driver is taking exception to something in the audio segemtn of the EDID data that the 507 is presenting during the handshake. The driver then can't decide what audio format to output.

I've just realised that you're using a laptop, which is going to make some of the advice in my PM I just sent irrelevant so apologies about that! :oops:

I'm assuming of course that you're using the latest Nvidia driver?


Cheers Paddy

No worries on the PM front, I should have been more specific. I would have preferred DVI and SPDIF available, but everything is going down the HDMI route these days. In fact, this is the only reason I bought the Onkyo. Up until recently, my Pioneer 814 had been servicing me just fine (bar a couple of dead optical inputs).

Yeah, using the latest nvidia release for mobile cards (released last week).

Your diagnosis would make sense given that it is only when the first bit of sound is through from the cable - ie. the Windows welcome dingdong - that the 507 switches to DSP.

I may try Dell support to see if they can help, though I hold little faith down that route. I may well also get in touch with Onkyo, as the manual states that they do not support PC video. No mention of audio.

I'll post back if I come up with anything.

Thanks again for your thinking time!


OK, so last night I reinstalled the Nvidia drivers, not just for the card, but for the chipset too, and low and behold the 507 picked up the laptop connection through HDMI.


Next problem!

The HDMI cable seems unable to passthrough DTS and DD signal, favouring to downsample to stereo PCM.

On the sound settings in Windows, I have checked the 5.1 configuration and the test works fine, outputting test signals from each of the appropriate channels through the 507.

When I play any kind of movie (DIVX, H-264 - though I haven't checked DVD yet), it just outputs through the left and right channels.

AC3 filter is installed and configured to passthrough to SPDIF. The players (WMP and GOM) are all configured to send sound through the HDMI.

Having looked around, stereo audio through HDMI seems a common problem, with people tending to favour toslink outputs, or connecting the GFX card to the SPDIF on the motherboard.

My Dell 1340 does not have an SPDIF option (I had assumed that SPDIF would automatically be connected to the mid range laptop Nvidia card).

Why oh why does progress have to be so backwards?

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