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    The Onix/Rocket RS 750 Signature Edition Transducers, Part I…

    The Genesis of an idea: or learning how to spend money while been ill!…

    Convalescing from recent surgery at home hasn't been all that negative an experience since it has brought me opportunities to accomplish a few fun-filled tasks that might not have happened otherwise. Take the delivery and unpacking of the recently ordered Onix/Rocket RS 750 Signature speakers, for instance...
    Anyway, this little tirade isn't about their particular sonic signature and what I think of it (that will come later) as much as it is a sharing of my impressions of the physical attributes and other pertinent aspects of the product itself, as well as how the 750s wound up becoming what most likely will become an integral part of the "big" home theater’s "reference" system.

    All started several days ago when Craig Chase posted a thread related to a shootout he recently conducted between two speaker systems in the HTForum: one of those systems was the Rocket RS 550 IIs, and the other the Ascend 340s (please refer to that thread for more information).
    Reading Craig's review of those loudspeakers piqued my curiosity to levels of the sort I haven't experienced in a very, very, very long time, so I decided to check the associated manufacturers' Web sites to see what all the hoopla was all about (prior to reading Craig's review I had no knowledge of who the speaker manufacturers were nor seen anything regarding their speaker models; I didn't know they even existed!).
    Mind you, I haven't been looking for new speakers lately, particularly since I purchased the Athena small L&R mains and center channel monitors for the "small," secondary home theater system as well as a pair of SVS B4-Plus subwoofers just recently, so once I started thinking that as much as I would like to try the reviewed speakers I also thought that I needed more speakers around my home environs as much as I need a hole in the head (although I have been toying with the idea of buying a pair of Magneplanar IIIAs outfitted with ribbon tweeters from a co-worker when he retires later on this year)!
    Even so, Craig's concise objective technical tests and glowing empirically subjective accolades of the sonic attributes of both speaker systems kept tugging at my attention and interest in such a way that I just couldn't resist reconsidering my position against further loudspeaker purchases, thus I ultimately decided to go ahead and buy what I mistakenly took as being a pair of "B" stock 750s.
    Now, am not at liberty to divulge what sort of deal I wound up getting from them, but this I will share with 'ya: the AV123 company offered me a deal on a brand new pair of Ebony-clad RS 750 Signature Edition transducers (with bi-wiring facilities) I simply could not refuse!

    The Man in brown cometh!...

    But to continue...my friendly UPS delivery man dropped two fairly large boxes containing the 750s at my door steps this last Tuesday morning.
    Even though am not supposed to handle anything that weights over 15 Lbs. because of doctor's orders due to having undergone navel incisional hernia surgery couple of weeks ago, I nonetheless managed to figure out a way to get the boxes inside the house without physically overstraining myself (unlike the unpacking and moving of the 190+ Lbs. SVS B4-Plus behemoths experience!). Once the two boxes were moved inside the house I immediately proceeded to open each package.

    Getting down to business…

    To say that I became extremely pleased with the way Rocket pack and ship their speakers would be an understatement because not only are they double-boxed, but are totally covered with a white material cover that protects the wood finishes from becoming damaged as well. In addition, each speaker is outfitted with three molded foam "rings;" one is placed over the white sox-covered speaker enclosures, and the other two pieces placed at both piano black-finished end caps. The darnest things I ever saw, I kid you not...

    Once their covers were pulled out I had the chance to lay my eyes on the gorgeous looking, slender RS 750 Signature Edition tower-like enclosures.
    The Ebony wood veneer in my 750s pair was impeccably applied and finished.
    The end caps were done in an ultra-deep, ultra-glossy black piano finish that's as good as I've ever seen applied to audio components regardless of price.
    In addition, two pairs of white gloves were also included in order to handle the speakers while they're being moved around. Neat!

    The speaker grills are very light and somewhat fragile, but I bet they serve their assigned function quite well (am assuming they have to be in place all the time otherwise I see potential sonic interferences affecting the tweeter's performance since the top end cap has quite a bit of "overhang" on the front of the enclosure just above its assigned location, perhaps causing frequency response irregularities.
    I'll try to aurally determine whether that sort of thing is even an important issue when my initial listening sessions begin).
    Perhaps Craig would like to comment about this aspect since the 550s seem to share about the same physical design dimensions and construction characteristics as do the 750s.
    Anyway, the rear of the enclosures are just as beautifully done. The rather large gold-plated banana jacks look very beefy, hefty, and solidly built. Too bad they don't accept double-banana jacks, though...

    Each speaker comes equipped with a set of four machined solid brass spikes. Four solid brass discs of about 1 1/2" or 1 3/4" in diameter containing a "dimple" or indentation in the middle are also included; they are supposed to be used underneath each spike in order to protect finishes such as hardwood floors. Good idea, really, but is too bad they're rather difficult to install (why not machine both parts as a single piece instead? It'll would definitely be more user-friendly in my opinion). However, in lieu of metal spikes rubber "bumps" can be substituted if one wishes to do so. The rubber feet are also included with the speakers.

    The front of the enclosures, which contain the bass/midrange and high frequency drivers, is physically beautifully done as well.
    Being dimensionally narrow bespeaks of potential wide dispersion performance characteristics (something that might also be aided by the enclosure’s ultra-deep, oval-like shape itself). This sonic aspect of the 750s becomes quite apparent when listening to them in action from the onset. But more on that later.
    Sans speaker grills the front of the 750's are quite an eye full as the 5" white aluminum drivers command and demand one's full attention!

    Stay tuned; the RS 750 Signature transducers saga will continue...

    The End…



    "...hi, my name is Frank...and am an SVS bassaholic..."

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