OnePlus 7T Pro or Poco F3? (may receive both soon: dilemma)


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Sep 30, 2010
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Hi all!

Six months ago I ordered a OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition (2K+ 6.67" 90Hz AMOLED) from AliExpress because I wanted a big 2K AMOLED screen without any punch hole, after my Honor Note 8, which had a great 2K 6.6" 60Hz screen, broke in spring. However, after half a year I still have not received the phone, and it looks like I may never do because it got lost at some point. At least, I got the refund a few months ago and just bought a cheap Redmi 9T to use until I got a better phone.

After looking for alternatives like the Black Shark 3 Pro (2K+ 7.1" 90Hz AMOLED), which was too expensive and hard to find anyway, I just got tired and ordered a Poco F3 (FullHD+ 6.67" 120Hz AMOLED; 256GB 8GB RAM) from AliExpress for 300$ as a transition phone until better no punch-hole giant-screen options appear, although I may keep it for a long time if I get used to it. Even though it is not 2K and has a small punch-hole in the middle (at least not on one side, which I hate because of my OCD), the screen size is the same as in the OnePlus 7T Pro and, according to the reviews, it is a very good AMOLED display overall.

Now to the dilemma. Even though the OnePlus 7T Pro seems to be lost, it may still arrive before or slightly after the Poco F3, which is scheduled to arrive in around one month if nothing strange happens again. Thus, I may end up with these two phones and have to decide which one to keep and which one to sell.

On the one hand, the Poco F3 is a more powerful and modern phone than the OnePlus 7T Pro (SD870 vs. 855+), which means that it may last for longer. On the other hand, the OnePlus has a 2K+ 90Hz AMOLED screen with no punch-hole whatsoever, which was the main reason to buy it, and I assume that the cameras might be slightly better because it was a flagship after all. I am not sure if I would like the curved screen, because I have never used one, but I assume that the 2K+ 90Hz screen should be better than the 1080p+ 120Hz flat screen in the Poco F3 (I have always read that from 90 to 120Hz there is not a big difference).

In sum, which one would you keep if you had to choose between these two phones right now? If any of you have tried both devices it would be especially helpful to read your comments.

I leave a link to the specs comparison just below:
Compare Xiaomi Poco F3 vs. OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren -

Amazon product ASIN B08XYCDK17
Poco.F3 is a great price £249 with an impressive spec and decent camera, fast performance and big battery life.


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