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OneForAll Evole 4 Remote Control question


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I have just purchased a OneForAll Evole 4 universal remote control. I have set the TV mode to control my LG tv, and I have set the STB mode to control my VU+ satellite receiver.

Ideally, I want to press a button that powers both on and sets the TV to HDMI1 and puts the remote in STB mode - is this possible? How?


It does two activities.


Is there a manual with it?


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You can program macros on the Activity key to do this. Check the online manual here:

Depending on the brand of your TV you may also be able to program spare keys on the remote to act as Power On (only) and HDMI 1, and include these into the macro. If you want to do this you should contact customer service via the same site with the make and model of your TV and ask if they can help you program these keys.

Hope this helps!

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