Oneclick TV/Audio Visual Intellipanel - Problem


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I have bought a Oneclick TV/Audio Visual Intellipanel - TVAIMP205

I have my TV in the master socket, and PS3, Soundbar and Sub in other 'peripheral' sockets.

It seems to work fine most of the time, but will sometimes just turn everything off when I am using my PS3 - it even did it in exactly the same place in a xVid TV episode I was watching streamed from my PC. It also did it when I was playing a PS3 game.

Anyone have any ideas why it might decide to randomly turn everything off when I am using the PS3? :lease:




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It might be faulty. I would contact the manufacturer and retailer. It's doing what it's meant to do just not when you want it to!


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It could be a fault on the screen or just the fact it is drawing very little power. When that current draw drops below the 'off' threshold the plug system thinks it has been turned off and so follows by turning everything else.

Just an idea.

I used to have the opposite problem with Pioneer screens (iirc), over night they would power up to check for freeview updates and the current draw was just enough to trigger the plasma lift to spit the screen slightly out of its casing.

Client comes down in the morning to find the screen half out when they knew they had shut it down fully. Spooky!



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i just sat down and watched AVP 2

4 times at the exact same point it switched off, i believe it was down to my plasma (panny g10) showing lots of black due tot the dark nature of the film, switched tv to a brighter crap setting and it stayed on and i continued to watch the rest of the film

as stated above, if something in the signal means the tv requires less power to show the picture the panel may think its gone into standby and then switch off (assuming the signal causes low power consumption for a period of time)

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