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Has anybody else got an Intellipanel working with their AV setup? If so, I'm hoping you can help me here :lease:

My setup is as per my signature. Everything feeds through the Onkyo 605 for audio and picture, so this is literally the center of my AV setup. Everything in this setup runs from the Intellipanel, with my TV being plugged into the master socket.

This works great to a certain extent. It all powers on into standby when I push the power button for the TV and everything shuts down 30ish seconds after turning the TV off, great. Great until, of course, I want to use something like the DAB radio, which doesn't need the TV to be turned on. If I turn the power on everything fires up and works a treat....but if I don't turn the TV on at the same time, everything shuts down again 30 seconds later :thumbsdow

Is there a solution to this?

I have tried having the Onkyo 605 plugged into the master socket, but for whatever reason it didn't turn everything off as it should (just how much power does the amp draw in standby!?!?!).

Any help would be greatly appreciated! It's a fantastic idea and a great bit of kit, but it's not currently fitting in with what I need.




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I've found the answer to my own question, so thought I'd post here in case anybody else has a similar problem now or in the future....

The problem was I had HDMI Power Control enabled on my Onkyo amp, meaning it never actually goes into StandBy. By turning this off in the setup menu, when I turn the amp off it really does cut the power now, meaning I can use this in the Master socket.

So now the amp is the Master, meaning when that's powered on/off everything else gets power, which in turn means I no longer need my TV on to listen to DAB or AppleTV :thumbsup:

So if anybody else ever has this problem, make sure your amp is actually going into StandBy and isn't sat waiting for something :)

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