Onecast - stream Xbox to iOS devices.


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Onecast a third party tool for streaming Xbox Apple Mac users now supports iPad's, iPhone's and Apple TV set top boxes.

You can use either virtual buttons on screen or an Apple MFI gamepad. I don't own one of these so have no idea how good any of the bluetooth controllers will be.

But one use case that works really well is using the iPad when someone else is using the TV, your still using the Xbox controller linked to the console of course (which also limits range) but there is almost no lag and it makes the iPad a second display for Xbox.

One thing to watch out for is that when it tried to scan for console during setup it could not find it when the iPad was connected to a 5Ghz network, switching the connection to the 2.4Ghz allowed it to find it and streaming still worked when I switch back to 5Ghz.

The medium quality is sufficient for a small screen, could barely see any difference on high.

Lastly if having trouble on finding it in the Apple app store search for onecast xbox, just searching for onecast brings up a lot of other junk.

It does cost 10 bucks which is not great but it's surprising handy at least for the use case I tried it out in.


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Didn't know this existed. Will try this out tonight. Sounds amazing. So I can sit on the sofa use the ipad as a console screen and my Xbox controller? (I sit right in front of the Xbox). Will definitely give that a try.

Another question do you have to turn HDR off on the console for this to work?
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This is a great app, I use it on my iPad Pro on an almost daily basis. Works tremendously well; I have my Xbox connected via a Wifi powerline adapter but I've tried it over Wifi and it was fine too. I live in a fairly small property though with thin walls.

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