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one server/media room to feed house


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I posted this in cinema construction too, may be better here:

I am joining my cinema room onto my house and it will mean a reorganisation of my av equipment, currently i have two setups (eg two amps, kef eggs etc) one for the lounge and one for cinema. What I am looking to do if anyone has something similar:

I have a spare cupboard in the lounge, I want to put everything in there

I plan on having a HTC, NAS, Sky HD (one or two boxes), Blu Ray, PS3, XBOX

The problem is one screen (normal TV) will be 7ms away which is fine, however the other will be 20-30m away!!

Is one setup possble or am I better going with two? Networking would be soo much easier with everything in one cupboard!!

Any advice appreciated!


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One setup would be sufficient, you don't need two, you can always extend the network through homeplugs if your house isn't wired for ethernet.

Something you may not have considered is pretty much most of the devices you outline are bad for network media streaming (assuming were talking movies stored on a server). In order to make media play across all those devices you would have to convert everything to the lowest common denominator as they all have pretty bad media support. The only way to avoid converting everything and still use those devices would be to use a PC as a NAS running a transcoding DLNA server like Serviio which converts everything on the fly.

The other option would be get a proper network media player which has support for most media types and can read the NAS directly so you've no need for DLNA, look at something like the Popcornhour A-300.


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Are you wanting to put your consoles and blu ray player etc in a cupboard............?


Network equipment yeah!!

niall campbell

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you put your NAS with an ethernet connection in a cupboard

all your equipment will be in the respective rooms and stream from the NAS

or you get an ONKYO 609 amp with a second room option , and this could be in the cupboard also

just have a 5 port switch in each room, and then 1 cable only goes back to the router . 1 gig ones are about £25

any equipment you have how should have DLNA like TVs etc, so a SMART tv or internet tv should play all your files

I have all my files as Divx so a TV anywhere in my house can play them without any additional equipment

niall campbell

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the sky box can be ONE only

you need a HDMI splitter and run good old RF cable to each room

the RF cable will allow 9 volts built into RF 2 Output to power a mouse that is infra red and sits in each room

this allows you to have full control of sky box from anywhere in house

you just need an amp that allows a Sky Bypass ( lets 9 volt signal to go through ) to change channels, watch recorded programmes

you would watch the sky on HDMI for best quality

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