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One Pair of Speakers, Two Amps, connection?


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Hi, I have a pair of BW 684 and have them connected to my onkyo amp for movies (also got other BW speakers for surround)

But I now want to purchase a dedicated CD and AMP but also hook them up to the 684's

How do I do this???

A chap in a certain cheap hifi store told me it can't be done and only suggested swapping cables!


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It is indeed difficult to do. You can hook a single output to many inputs, such as one amp to many speakers, but you can't easily connect many outputs to a single input, as in two amps to one speaker.

The amps outputs at certain frequencies and levels will appear as a direct short to the other amp. It is just not a good thing.

Many, or at least some, people replace the front two channels of their AV amp with a stereo system driving the speakers. To do this you connect the Pre-Amp outputs of the AV amp to the inputs of the Stereo amp. Then balance the levels between the two amps.

In this situation, whether for stereo or for AV, the stereo amp is alway driving the two front speakers, and the two front channels on your AV Amp go unused, or are put to some other purpose.

The only other alternative, is to use a pair of speaker switch boxes; One switch to turn the Stereo connection on and off, and another completely separate switch to turn the AV amp to speaker connection on and off.

But there is a huge element of risk; this especially true if other people ever use your amps. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE BOTH AMPS CONNECTED AT THE SAME TIME, or you risk damage to one or both amps, and possibly to your speakers. That is a lot of money to risk.

You must turn the AV amp to speakers connection OFF BEFORE you turn the Stereo amp to speaker connection ON. And, logically, you would have to turn the Stereo to speaker connection OFF before you turned the AV amp to speaker connection ON.

This is error prone; you only need one idiot who doesn't understand this to get his hands on your equipment and you risk losing everything.

There may be some other way of doing this with some auto-switching equipment, but I don't specifically know of any equipment like that.

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