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one of those "help me find a phone" threads.


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So now that im iPhone-less and ipod-less due to a robbery
i cant afford to get a direct replacement. In fact, my budget is £100 or less.

I want an Orange Rio II coz i like the idea of its cheapness and its specs (except i dont think it has gps). But still erming and arring about it. and loads of other handsets, i just cant make up my mind for once.

I'm like the only person who isnt an Andriod fan, I know I've not used it since 1.2, but i still hear that unless its got a decent cpu (probably one that i cant afford) it can still be laggy. So i know about the San Fran, but not sure im convinced yet. I also prefered the simplicity of the iPhone, compared to the masses of customisation on Andriod.

it doesnt have to be just released, it can be within the past 18months, but still avaliable through Orange or CPW or something.

and it doesnt have to be a smart phone, as long as its got a good browsing experience, good facebook and access to some sorta sat nav or maps.

Must haves:
3.5mm jack
good browsing experience (multi touch or easy to zoom)
3mp camera or better
3G or higher
qwerty with touch screen (either like the Rio2, or slide out) or just touch screen... so not alphanumeric lol.
not a Blackberry

good facebook capatbilities (check ins)
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If you're coming straight from an iphone you'll find a £100 android phone frustrating to use. Your best bet would be to pick up a second hand Desire or Galaxy S.


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im coming from a 3GS yeah.

Ohh noo... yes i thought i would find it frustrating. But what else is there out there in my budget?!

well half the phones i buy are 2nd hand, but ive had 2 bad things happen to me recently, and things happen in 3s so i dont wanna buy 2nd hand at the mo in case something goes wrong! I know it sounds silly, and im not usually supersicous but i dont wanna chance it this time!


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If you're coming from a 3gs and wanting to get a 100 quid phone, you are downgrading massively, so nothing will be 'better' even if there are plenty of Android phones that do all the things you have specified better than your 3gs they are not within your 100 pound budget


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Ok re read your post lol, you have to go dow the second hand route to obtain your requirements, a mid range Android second hand, or maybe a Samsung wave.

If you wait a few weeks the galaxy s wi be 150 quid second hand and its still one of the best phones out in the UK . The galaxy s 2 is bringing down its price


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i can find a galaxy lite in "good condition" for £115, would it be worth me spending an extra £25 on one of them? i know the processor is better.. which coming from my laggy andriod experience would be better.


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i can find a galaxy lite in "good condition" for £115, would it be worth me spending an extra £25 on one of them? i know the processor is better.. which coming from my laggy andriod experience would be better.

If this is the phone I'm thinking of, its quite old .Samsung are not the best company for updates, which means it will come with an older version of android (2.1 was the earlist version I had to deal with and not impressed with it on the samsung set I had).
Either take the advice given re Gal S(really brill phone , on 2.2.1 mature and steady unit, now have two) or look to get a Orange san fran and root it


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Well as tha Gal S is too expensive for me, i suppose i'll have to get a San Fran, specially now my replacement sim has arrived.


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Wont you be able to get them replaced through insurance ?


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no insurance :-( i usually take care of things, so insurance has always been a waste of money for my phones, til now! i should have dont for my iphone tho, but i just didnt think about it!

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