One of the Best Driving Roads in the World?? Antrim Coast Road


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Hi guys,

My better half recently bought me a camcorder for my birthday and I am trying to learn the ropes of creating and editing videos.

After a nice week long break along the North Coast of the Emerald Isle, armed with my camcorder and suction mount, I thought I would take the opportunity to make a video of one of the best roads in my little country; some might even go as far as saying one of the best roads in the world.

Have a looky:

My lame effort to edit the video meant some of the quality was lost (didn’t help I hadn’t it set to record in HD to start with) but you get the idea. I am hoping over the coming months I will do a few more in the North and South of Ireland including Dingle pass and the Gap of Dunloe. Any suggestions from you tech/media wizards into editing software and general camcorder settings I am all ears :)

Thanks for looking

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Thanks guys

Oh yes :) we all do over here haha :laugh: 40ish miles in 10 mins is good going!! :smashin:

I will try and make a few more in the coming weeks, the full coastal route from Belfast - Londonderry may make a good video if i can sort out the quality issues :)

Thanks for looking


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I was down the coast 2 months ago but was in a rush home so couldnt drive the coast. Its something I really want to do tho.


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I liked the video, but would disagree with your assessment that it's one of the best driving roads in the world. Very nice scenery, but a complete pain in the ass when you get stuck behind traffic. You seem to have got very lucky because I don't think you got stuck behind a single tractor or lorry.
I've never been as lucky on that road. :(


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Might have been a slight exageration :) Still very scenic none the less :). I agree i was very lucky, never had such a smooth run up this road before.


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I drive this a lot just because it's beautiful. Especially the bit right along the coast (at around 8 mins in your video). A fantastic road.


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From Larne to Cushendall is my favorite bit of the road. In hindsight the video would have been a bit better starting off in Larne. Still pondering making a Belfast - Londonderry (via the coast road) video, though the recent weather needs to clear off first :)


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some cracking roads up there. I had some fantastic blasts through the mountains in my Subaru a few years ago. Worth going at 4am to get clear roads.
Traffic is a pain.

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