One Night in Bangkok Movie Review & Comments


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Agree 100% with everything you said about Dacascos. Also Drive is one of my guilty pleasures. Dacasco spectacularly rips off Jet Li, Kadeem Hardison in one of best roles as the poor sap caught up in the mess and Brittany Murphy as a scene stealing kooky weirdo whose performance, turns a fun comedy action film into a cult classic.

Sorry, totally OT but ….... DRIVE ....


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will watch out for this as he is one of my guilty pleasures.


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I remember how good Only the strong was back in the day, thought he'd go on to great things but alas he didn't, I was surprised to see him pop up in Parabellum..


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He was brilliant in Brotherhood of the Wolf I wish that would get a 4K release.


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This looks pretty good (in the way that an above average DTV movie is good).


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Very decent film. Thanks for the pointer Cas. Goes to show budget isn't everything. I'd like to Cacastos get a shot at the big time as he has presence.


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I quite like this. Dacascos is great, his "partner" is also good. They basically carry the whole thing on their backs. The director has seen way too many 70s cop movies. The wipes he uses are ridiculously pointless. I liked the running joke about the public conveniences :)

I even liked the now cliched Gladiator ending :)
Overall I enjoyed it and I think it deserves a solid 7/10.
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