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Jan 19, 2010
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Hi: I am interested in videoing my sons diving team practice and need information on how to hook up a video camera to my laptop on a one minute delay. This will allow the coach to tell them what she saw on their dive and then they can watch it on the computer while I am videoing the next diver. Any help will be appreciated.
Why a laptop?
OK I guess the issues are water and power. Since a DVD recorder (with HDD) would allow you to delay the footage, but would itself, and the connected viewing monitor, need to be mains powered.

So to Windows software.
It should be possible to record from a connected USB webcam (check the free VLC media player) and either in the same program or another window, play back the unfinished recording.

Why VLC? Well other programs I've seen limit the resolution to below SD and I assume it would be useful for you to connect a higher resolution camera and make use of that.

Maybe not the most elegant solution but as a proof-of-concept I've just tried this:
USB webcam connected.
VLC media player, Media > Convert/save > Capture Device - select webcam from Video device name; click Convert/Save and enter a destination filename and check Display the output, copy the filename to the clipboard before clicking start.

Open another instance of VLC media player, Media > Open file, paste the filename and click Open.

Shortly you will have delayed playback of the file being recorded.

Edit: after a little playing I've had success with the WMV/WMA(ASF) video option on the convert/save settings page, and also selecting different zoom levels for the two instances to monitor the recording whilst showing delayed playback.
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Thanks for the reply. I will try that. The pool area does not allow glass, so a TV monitor is out, hence the laptop.

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