One input from dish won't work?


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Hey guys,

A long story short and I've had sky Hd fitted in my room. And that's all good.
However we had a new dish fitted with a octo lnb and since then one of the inputs from the dish does not work on the sky+ box in the lounge. Meaning we can't record one channel and watch a second, we get the no signal recieved message. I've wiggled the connections on the dish and no result. It worked fine before so I don't imagine it's the box or the cable? Any ideas what it could be?




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Any ideas what it could be?
Faulty connector on LNB? Cable not connected properly to LNB? If you've any spare ports remaining on LNB, try connecting faulty cable (you do know which one is the faulty one don't you) to a spare port and see if that makes both inputs on Sky box work.


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Yea, I will try that. I unplugged it then back in the same port, but that didn't work so will try a spare port. Thanks


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Make sure that the digibox is switched OFF at the mains when you are working on the LNB and the dish inputs at the back of the box.


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Its all sorted now. I think the problem was because the box was switched on when the new dish was fitted, as my girlfriend was watching Tv. I switched the box off at the wall for a while and back on, and its working fine now.

Thanks for the help


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