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One Hour Photo, my take on it..........

IMO quite a good film definatly worth seeing , RW certainly rates higher in my book now after this and insomnia.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything you see is real apart from:

1)TV football Game\beer, it was a fantacy in his mind.
2)The blood out of his eyes,that was a bad dream.
3)The photo at the end was a wish in his mind.

The cool metaphors in this film were IMO:

1)The blank photo on the floor this is a mirror of himself, of his total emotional emptyness.
2)The photos he took at the end were totaly void of all emotion. These pictures were very simular to the reference erlier on in the film "never taken pictures" e.g the idea of "a wasp on the jello".

It is obvious most of all the pictures he kept for himself were filled with good emotions like happyness, this small window into other peoples lives makes him feel strong emotions.


the first one was pretty bleedin obvious

i thought it was very clever how he made the bloke and his bit think he was taking photos of them when he was just taking photos of the room

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