One Hour Photo (Good Psychological thriller)



If your a fan of Robin Williams then this is perhaps his finest performance although he was very good in insomnia too.

DISCLAIMER!: Do not go to see this film expecting lots of explosions and action :D


only went to see it as i have one of those UGC passes

i really enjoyed it

good film


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Spoiler alert...

Got my DVD and watched this last night! OMG what a fantastic, intelligent, disturbing film. my heart was in my mouth when I though RW was going to get caught watching TV and then they twist it! Brilliant and completely caught that feeling you get when you are caught doing something you shouldn't (and no I don't break into houses)

the power of the film comes from making the audience sympathise with Sy (because at the core half of him is basically a nice but very lonely guy) while at the same time show how twisted and mental he is. And fittingly enough the photography of the film is quite beautiful.

Those pic at the end are of the bathroom, so I'm guessing he didn't take any of the couple and took them in his own hotel room. Can't recommend this enough and already bound to make my 2003 top ten. Two great Robin Williams films in the space of a year?! what's going on?:eek:

Spoiler alert


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Does this version have the scene about red eye at the begining?


Agreed that this is another decent film with Williams in and one in which he's one of life's victims who goes over the edge. One Hour Photo does however have the virtue of shying away from total repetition in, as James points, having Sy not take pix of the couple but his hotel bathroom - his redemptive cathartic/seperation act that he finally clings to.
I saw Ross's review of this and it further (if ever needed) nailed what an idiot that bloke is with his contrived accounts. Of particular note, Ross droned on about how perfect the family was and had the viewer wishing ill-will. However, anyone with a nats intelligence could see that all wasn't quite so peechy with a controlling husband and yet stifled husband that arched over the family's happiness. What I did find difficult to get past, for a while at least, was Gary Cole as Williams' boss after seeing him in Clerks. And the unusaul, in a way, choice of Dr Benton from E.R. as the detective. Though aside from the repeating victim cycle, the worst foible of the story was Sy's stupid mistake of not paying and/or failing to cover for his photos. Sy was depicted as an anal-retentive but made such a crass and obvious error in a job which he was 'perfect' at and one which has losses that could be easily hid. Although the shrink/cop out there would no doubt tell you it was intentional by Sy who wanted to be caught.
Whatever. All told it's a fine film with an even handed performance by Williams who runs with the character with accomplished grace.


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on the casting points I though Eric La Salle did well with what little he had and it would be nice to see him in more films. I also commented that I what happily beat the **** out of Gary Cole(although I'm sure he's a nice bloke), he always plays detestible characters (apart from Midnight Caller) and if anything he was portrayed as the real villian of this piece.

J Ross is a prat when it comes to film reviews, ignore him!

Yes I think Sy subconsciously didn't cover his tracks so that he would be caught in the end, also he wouldn't have returned to his hotel room after the crime, although I suppose that at that point it was inevitable that he would be caught.

one little thing that surprised my about the film's production as well was the use bass, there was some glorious LFE in there that helped crank up the tension no end. certainly unexpected.



Yeah, I forgot about all the low frequency oscillation going at times. It's like the joke about farting in the bath; who needs an electric massage chair when you can turn up the surround:laugh:


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Robin Williams movies used to make me run a mile, now with One Hour Photo and Insomnia to add to Jumanji, I see him in a new light.
Interesting change of style and works well.



What was the relevance of the cracked windscreen?


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