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May 2, 2001
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The thing with forums is quite often people only come along when they've got a problem (have done it myself). Nothing wrong with that.

Well here's some positive feedback for Arcam support.

I've had a DV88 and AVR100 almost since they were released (early 2001 anyway). The plan was to buy the kit and transition into home cinema. The centre channel and rear speakers came along after only a couple of months but it's taken me until now to finally get a sub.:blush:

When I plugged in the sub, it turned out that my AVR100 has a slight problem. Dolby tracks play fine but the sub outputs almost nothing with dts tracks.

After speaking to Arcam support, they are aware of the problem and are taking the amp back to make a modification at no cost to me. Now I know you could say that the problem has been there from the start and should be fixed, but the bottom line is that the amp is nearly three years old (1 yr out of warranty) any many companies would tell me my only option is to buy a brand new replacement amp from them.

Cheers :D This is why you buy Arcam

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