one handed controllers


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hi does anybody know if theres any available, just that i am considering getting a ps3 if 1 exists


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What you gonna be doing with the other hand?? I know the graphics are pretty good but come on... :rotfl:


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There is a guy called benheck who designs one handed controllers, among other things. It looks like he is trying to bring one to market.

See his page here:

Look at the post from 5th May for a picture of his one-handed PS3 design.


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its good to see members of the gaming world starting to pay their attention to gamers who may in one way or another have a disability, i was trying to show a friend of mine guitar hero - 'ok hit red NOW, green NOW' struggling he finally said he doesnt know which was which, he was color blind, all these years it never came up! but iv heard certain games are now having the option to turn on a mode so it wont effect people with color blindness.

the ben heck 360 one handed controller looks like a really good mock-up, one which i think any gamer could pick up and use, hes working to get it into production so heres hoping.

obviously not having the use of both hands in gaming has been around since the start, id be intrested to see what was made for the nes/megadrive/ps1 - an unusual topic, one that never crossed my mind but id like to know more, thanks for those links.

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