One from this evening


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Paddy's Hole as it is known locally is just a couple of miles from me.This shows the fishing industry and the chemical/manufacturing industries in the background,

This was cropped,sharpened and brightness increased.



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I know it's difficult to get a good composition with lots of boats in the frame so you've done a blinding job here, that works really well. I really like the reflections.


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Just going throught the threads and when I hit this one immediately the missus says "That's lovely". I think it's a great shot too.
As Fozzy says the composition is top notch but I'm most impressed with the way you've balanced the light and got the colours to come through so strongly in low light without it looking enhanced. Even if it's PP'ed, it's really well done.


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. Even if it's PP'ed, it's really well done.

Totally agree

If I had a suggestion it would be to very subtly ( selectively) darken the right side of the sky by selecting it and using levels , contrast or reduce a touch of the brightness


I'm liking those punchy colours on the boats in contrast to the overall muted scene. A little soft? Shot at 1/13 of a second, were you using a tripod? The softness is an overall impression, but shows especially in the central red boat. I like the square format crop though.


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Thanks for your comments guys, the shot was slightly pp'ed but still working my way round cs2. As for the question to whether i was using a tripod the answer is no, i usually have a monopod attatched to the camera just incase i need to steady the camera as in this shot.


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Hi ya

Not much more I can that hasn't been said. But great shot, very nice indeed.:thumbsup:

Cheers Holo:smashin: :smashin:


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Beautiful reflections. Personally I would have cropped the sky out just at the point where the brighter part joins the edge of the image on the right hand side. This would give a lot more impact to the boats and their reflections which are the nicest part of the image IMO.


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I'm finding that my eye is drawn to good colour more than other photographic attributes - and this one definitely does it for me. :smashin:
I was in your area for the last couple of weeks (Stockton) but I'm not familiar with this particular location? I'll need to visit regularly this year so I'd be interested to know where to find this.


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Hi Colin
Just let me know when you are next in this area and i will sort out directions for you. Thanks for the comments too.:)



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Yep, I like the cropped version better, the horizon is on the thirds so compositionally it's much better. It also gets rid of the slightly blown sky :smashin:

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