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One for the experts? Sony CS70 / Joytech AV Control Center conundrum

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by DJ Mike, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. DJ Mike

    DJ Mike
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    Nov 25, 2004
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    Okay this one is going to be mighty weird to explain, so bear with me:

    Ever since purchasing Sony's KV32CS70, I've noticed a flickering problem (similar to the one people have experienced with the FX68 in the past), with any and all RGB SCART sources.

    The worst offenders have been my Xbox and Pioneer DVD player, but the effect has been seen to lesser degrees on my Dreamcast, PS2 and Gamecube.

    It happens when a picture on screen has a bright patch in one place and a dark patch in another, but the exact composition of the picture also seems to have an effect. The symptom is that up to two-thirds of the screen exhibit a flickering effect (the brightness of most of the screen appears to fluctuate).

    I've long been perplexed as to whether this might be my SCART cables - but everything RGB seems to do it - surely all my equipment/cabling can't be faulty? :confused:

    Now here's the conundrum: Today I received a Joytech AV Control Center, which I've promptly set up and am very happy with it as far as workmanship goes. I've even hooked my Xbox through it just to see what happens there's a second wire for the signal to travel through.

    Now one would expect, if the SCART cables are to blame, for the resulting picture on screen to show _more_ signs of flickering. In fact, it's the complete opposite - the picture actually IMPROVES :eek: It isn't perfect, and bizarrely the flickering occurs in places it didn't before, but NOT the places it did originally - almost as if different picture compositions are now causing the same effect.

    And now is the time I ask: What the heck is going on here? :( I'd already called John Lewis and the TV guys are coming round next week to have a look anyway. When they get here I shall just slam this Joytech conundrum at them and let them figure it out. My guess is that the TV I have is dodgy, but I have this nagging feeling that if I get another one the same problems will be there - but I just can't tell.

    For the record, I have two DVD players - a Sony and a Pioneer. Both use identical SCART cables which have thick shielding so they're not exactly cheapo ones (neither are they uber-expensive) - but the Sony player works in RGB just fine, the Pioneer produces flickering.

    The PS2, Xbox and Gamecube all use third-party RGB cables - the Xbox being the problem child and the other two working 95% alright.

    Some might argue I'm merely being too picky but I must confess if I'm going to shell out £795 for a TV I'd expect nothing but 100% satisfaction.

    Any takers?


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