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After hours and days and weeks of struggling I managed to get hold of a movie in 720p and it does indeed look stunning

However it does not sound stunning .....

It appears to have TWO soundtracks - one over the other - one is certainly English the other sounds like German - when the character speaks a second later (possibly less) the other language repeats what they are saying

Is there anyway that I can strip this AVI file of the 2nd language and enjoy the film ?

Please bear in mind when giving me an answer that I am an idiot


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Kramer said:
What software player are you using?


Windows Media Player - its played from within MCE

Also tried it on another machine using WinXP and still its the same

I assume there must be a way of "removing" the one track


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Depends how the audio has been encoded, it might have all be encoded into one track


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thefantasticmrh said:
Do you have an AC3 filter?

I had the same problem with an Imax film, and the only way to separate the audio was to use BSPlayer.

Have AC3 filter yes

there is a text file which says "remove the language track you do not need" but thats it - does not say how or what with


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Go into Control Panel and you should see the AC3 config. If I remember correctly you should be able to take out one of the language tracks through that.

I think that's right, hope it works.


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I have installed the codec again and cant find an option there to chnage anything - although the german(?) language is much quieter - its as if its whispered over the english track as apposed to be same volume

Son of Shaft

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Try VideoLan Client or MediaPlayer Classic. VLC is supposed to have a built in filter for multi audio avi's. Don't know if filter works with multi AC-3 in 1 AVI. I know a couple of years back when trying to use multi mp3 AVI's in WindowsMediaPlayer I had to use morgan stream switcher to switch between soundtracks. Don't know how good it is nowadays.

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