One For All SmartControl - question about macros


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This remote supports macros, but can i program a macro when the remote switch to a different input ?

There is two arrows used to switch through the different modes: tv, dvd, mp3, amp, game, etc

Here's what i want to do:
- When the mode is set to "game" then send IR to switch my receiver's input to game, then send the IR to start HTPC
- When the mode is set to "tv" then send IR to power on the cable box and switch the receiver's input to cable

There is no physical buttons for the different modes, i have to use the arrows to navigate through them

Picture here:


As I understand it those functions are exactly the kind of thing that the remote is meant for.
Macros in the usual sense of the word don't come into it, and when you set up one of the "modes" that takes care of the functions.


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well i haven't found any review that confirms i can program it to run a macro when the remote switches to a particuliar input so i'd prefer to have a confirmation from someone who owns it before buying. I know you can program macros on particuliar keys, but i want to program a macro when the mode is switched to a particuliar input.

I'm also interessed by the urc-7120 so if anyone who owns one of them can confirm it will do what i want i would really appreciate !


My point was that you don't need to run or to program a "macro".
If this is like all the other remotes that work by "activities" such as "Watch TV", then you specify the input settings when you are setting up a "Watch TV" or other activity, and the commands to make the settings are then done automatically when you first select the activity or when you change to it from another.

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