One For All Remote code for Marantz PM6007?


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Has anyone managed to set up a One For All remote to work with a Marantz Pm6007 amplifier? Or indeed a Marantz anything?

Just bought such a device for my mother so she can listen to TV through her hifi speakers, but considering you can't control the output volume from the TV remote if it's going out optically, I got her a one for all remote so she doesn't need to switch to a different remote just to change the volume.

There are 9 'codes' for Marantz devices in the manual for setting up the remote, none of them connected to either this amp or her Marantz CD player. In fact, several of them didn't even trigger the remote to try to connect.

Anyone managed to get such a remote to work?

Failing that, is there any other kind of universal remote I can get that will control the smart features on her TV while the volume buttons control her amplifier?

Fred Smith

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One For All code 2138 works for my Marantz PM6006.


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Rather than using the paper manual I've always found it best to use the interactive support tools on the One For All website. Depending on the OFA model there are several codes given for the PM6007.


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Thanks for the replies, sadly the website just listed the ones in the manual, and none of them worked either on the amp or the cd player below it

The remote is a UR7145 if that means anything to anyone.

Is there something more powerful I can get? I remember having an old smartphone app back when phones had ir blasters which I could get to do pretty much anything.


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I'm surprised that none of the 3 codes that the website gives for URC 7145 work when trying to control your PM6007 as basic functions such as volume are often standard across a manufacturer's range of products. Just to be sure you are programming the remote for the PM6007 as an AUD device aren't you?

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