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Jan 9, 2002
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Got one of these yesterday to replace my broken Pronto (dont start me on that one - it still makes me cry!! claimed for it on the household insurance but decided to buy new speakers with the money instead)

For anyone looking for a universal remote that doesn't cost an arm and a leg its really very, very good, looks fantastic in the dark and it's pretty flexable. Certainly better than the "bury me in it" Mosaic and half the price!

Had a couple of issues with it when setting up my Yamaha Amp - but a call to the support line and it was sorted - customer service was excellent and FREE!!!!

All in all - a cheap and easy remote that works very well.

Could you tell me where you got this remote. I can't seem to find it at the moment.


hi there,

i saw this remote in Stuff magazine and was thinking of getting one of these after missing out on the cheap E-Pilots from Maplins a while back. have you had any experience with that kind of touch-screen remote and how does the Kameleon 6 compare?

also... how customisable are the buttons/animations or are you limited to pre-programmed ones? are there logos for DTS, Dolby Digital and the like for home cinema functionality? is it nice and sturdily constructed and satisfying to use? is the output fair wide-angle so that it can operate several different devices in a macro?

thanks for any info :)

you cant customise the logos buttons etc, if you want to do that you will need to buy a pronto or something similar. its very easy to use and for the price its the best i've seen.

You also dont have to spend months getting the setup right, i'd prefer a pronto (Like i did have - hyper ventilating must stop thinking about broken pronto......) but for the money its a winner.

on the question of range it seems to work from anywhere in my living room.

All in all i'm very happy with it.

A couple of questions from me too:

1) The website implies that it is a best of both worlds solution for button feel and backlit effect - is the surface raised where the buttons are.

2) Does it have a button for switching between wide modes??
the surface of the remote is smooth, but it does provide a click when you press any of the buttons.

I've had a chat with tech support and they tell me that the buttons that are displayed are dependant on which tv you have. i.e if you orginal remote doesn't have a button for changing screen size (i.e a 4:3 tv) then you wont get one, but if it does then you will (hope that makes sense). i've been using it for a week now and i'm very happy with it (its not as good as a pronto, but at the end of the day you get what you pay for, and for the money it the best i've used or seen.

Hope that helps

Does anyone know if this remote will operate a tape deck and have < and > buttons for autoreverse?

in terms of setting it up for a particular device, do u simply download the remote information for that device from their Web-site into the remote and it will then automatically give you all the buttons needed or do you have to do more in terms of setting it all up? also does it then let you change what button controls which function and that kind of thing as well if you are not happy with the layout/functionality?


sorry for the time to reply (been on holiday) you can change any button you like and get to learn the command from the old one.

Just bought one of these myself. Must say I'm very pleased with it. I have some experience of univesal remotes and have always been put off by One for All's concept and styling. This one's a bit different as it allows macros and learning. The best bit - it worked my Cyrus amp and wait for it.....Telewest Cable STB straight out of the box!
Whoa! Just a cotton pickin minute!
Are you saying that the kameleon will control a pace cable box? Does it control all the functions or just some of them (thoughts of finding the Holy Grail spring to mind). If so, I'm off down to Dixons! (and it's not often you'll hear me say that).

2 thumbs up from me as well. It even does ALL the functions on my Sky + box as well.

Yes mine is a Pace cable box - the one with the iRda infra-red codes. It does all the functions, I think, except the TV button, but you can do the same thing with the OK button anyway. I'm not sure if it will learn the commands from a Telewest remote - probably not - but I'll give it a go and post my findings here. Something I did particularly like was the punch-through function which allows you to have (say) the volume for the amp always on, whatever device is selected.

Know what you mean about Dixons!
these seem to be going to 59-99 free delivery from the Dixons Web-site just now (dunno how long though)! :) it's a 'Web Exclusive' so not sure if you would be able to talk them into knocking the price down in-store but might be worth a try. just a shame their 5 quid off over 50 quid spent voucher for the Web-site expired last weekend :-(
oh yeah, just to clarify, for individual devices like a sky/pace boxes as mentioned, does the remote automatically configure itself when you tell it what device you have? and then after that you can customise it and add macros and stuff if you want? sounds handy! might have to get one, was playing with one in Dixons today, it seems nice if rather long!
hey, nice one john039, where did you hear about that voucher? it's different to the one i saw listed on the ukfreebies Web-site... but anyway, i put in an order, delivered for 54-99 :) just a shame it's Dixons though! how embarassing... at least i didn't have to communicate with any of their sales 'assistants'!

Ron, to use the voucher, after adding something to your shopping basket (e.g., a One-for-all Kameleon remote!) go to the check-out and put the code into the Discount Vouchers box near the bottom of the screen and click the Add Voucher button (but be careful not to accidentally select any dodgy Dixon's coverplans!!!). this should take 5 quid off the total so then go to the checkout etc and get your order in :)
glad to see everbody liked the remote. seems that one for all have made a winner at last.

Just one point - mine puts out a low hum when it lights up. More of a low volume buzz really.

Anybody else have this?
Originally posted by jdanielp
oh yeah, just to clarify, for individual devices like a sky/pace boxes as mentioned, does the remote automatically configure itself when you tell it what device you have? and then after that you can customise it and add macros and stuff if you want?

Army Bloke
A friend of mine has bought one and he commented on the same thing. Still it adds more fun to all those light sabre scenes!

Can't remember where I saw the voucher.
It was some bargain forum or other.
Just happens to be one of the few vouchers I can remember easily, most of em I forget as soon as I click off the page.

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