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One-for-All Kameleon 5????


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Just wondering if anyone has one of these and can give some feedback.

They are very cheap now, only £16.99 on Play/Amazon.

It seems to do everything I want, TV, Bluray, PVR, Surround sound, but I had one of the original ones that was never that good, I found myself having to still use the other remotes for certain things, defeating the object really :D

I know the Harmony remotes are the one of choice on the forums, but dont want to spend that much on what might turn out to be a whim.

Cheers :smashin:


Checking it out through Google and finding a small picture, it looks very much like one that I used to use, and still have somewhere in a cupboard.
As far as I can remember it worked well, though the touch contacts needed a lot of pressure, and it's a big heavy metallic thing.


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Yes, this sounds like the URC8305 which is pretty much the same as the URC8308 (for eight devices) which I have. If you search this forum you'll find a few posts about it.

I have to say I've been pretty pleased with mine, even if setting it up was a major hassle (at least for me). It now works perfectly with all of the kit below. It's replaced nine items (two of the HiFi units work off the same key) and I can't remember when I had to get one of the original remotes out because the URC8308 wouldn't do it.

I use 4xAAA lithium cells and changed them today - they must have been in use for over six months.

One4All are pretty quick at releasing codes as new kit appears, some of which you need to download a .wav file to update the remote.

Clearly a subjective thing but I think it's really nicely made and a pleasure to use rather than it being "a big heavy metallic thing"
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Quite right, chacun a son gout.


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i had one and it was rubbish - in the end i gave it to the charity shop

problems -
huge metal thing, as mentioned you have to press the buttons hard, the sensor for the light is far too sensitive - and so when your watching a film it continues to light up all the time really distracting.
finally it eats batteries like there is no tomorrow.

ok rant over

i now have this, simple and easy

One-for-All | Universal Electronics

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