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Discussion in 'Cable TV & Virgin Media TV' started by steev, Jan 3, 2003.

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    I've had this remote for ages and I'm generally very happy with it.

    One small niggle is with the Pace box (4001?). All the controls work fine after downloading the latest and a bit of learning mode, but the rewind/play/pause/FFWD buttons all divert to the VCR even though I'm in SAT mode. I wanted to use those for things like EPG. Instead I've had to use shifted functions which is a general pain. Sometimes we mis-hit the Magic button and end up with the video rewinding. Then you have to go into VCR mode to stop it.

    I've also noticed that the AV and 10 buttons seem to do nothing in SAT mode, i.e. button does not light up.

    I can't see anything in the manual about this.

    Any ideas?

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