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Hi All,

I have a question that Samsung seem completely unable to answer.

I have a Samsung Frame - UE55LS03N which is wall mounted. All I'm trying to find out is whether the One Connect cable that shipped with the UE55LS03N TV is compatible with a newer (and larger) QE75LS03A (or any other 75" Frame) ?

The existing cable is routed through the wall and I don't want to have to try and route a new cable. What I'm trying to find out is exactly what 75" Frame models are compatible with the existing cable. I can replace the One Connect box and Panel, I just can't replace the cable (without serious disruption).

I've tried Samsung support and Richer Sounds, both just say "we don't know".

Any help would really be appreciated.



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Its pretty much a dead cert that it is not compatible.

These fibre optic replacements for HDMI cables ( Ruipro do something similar for general purpose connections ) are active and have electronics built in, and it is these in-line chipsets that limit the cable to particular generations of systems.

In Samsung's case , the connection is proprietary and works only with the particular Samsung system it shipped with.
They are locked and key coded to individual systems , Samsung abhors the idea of their tech being usable with a competitors system or even with a new generation of their own systems.
They are highly unlikely to be compatible between systems.

As a general rule and for future reference , never put a cable into a wall without a plan for replacing it at some future point , i.e. use ducting , pull wires , etc.
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