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Have ordered a new QE75QN800A which is to be fitted flat to a false wall. As i would prefer the One connect box out of sight, is it ok to position the box behind the false wall (sitting on the floor resting up against the wall) or will it get too hot ?

Looking to get a slim wall mount so there won't be room for it to go behind the TV



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I have a 2020 Samsung Q95T. The One Connect box does get pretty warm. I currently have mine under my TV unit (on the floor) and haven't had any issues 🤞

Your TV comes with the newer (slimmer version)of the One Connect box. But I'm.not sure I'd want to "hide" it behind a false wall for a few reasons:

1. The potential for overheating.
But (and perhaps more importantly)
2. If you needed to replace either the one connect itself, the fibre optic cable or (most likely) the HDMI Cable(s). This may prove difficult to do if its behind a false wall.

The new box is also much smaller than mine, so can it not be placed in the TV cabinet?

If you do want to put it behind the false wall, I'd consider a: Making an access panel (resolving the issues outlined above) and b: adding a vent/grille in the wall to allow heat to escape.

Hope this helps.

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