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I have been dreaming about only having one computer for internet,av and games.

I built myself a MCE 2005 pc, but in the av stack I couldn't really set it up fo games/internet without putting the keyboard and mouse on the coffee table.

Also with one two year old in the house wife wasn't too impressed with that setup.

So looked at various ideas to extend the PC to the back of the lounge where the dinning table was.

Ruled out wireless video senders as they don't support very high quality PC signals (not 1200 and above anyway).

Video by etherne is also mega expensive and has similar refresh limitations.

Saw one wireless vidoe KV (keboard mouse video) extender but it was £400 and a low max screen rate.

So I ordered a 10m DVI cable( from LIND) , got a headphone extender cable (so I can plug in my Zalman 5.1 headphones for true surround sound, essential in BF2). :devil:

And I bought a logitech wireless laser keyboard which I read had a good range. The signal wouldn't reach the back of the lounge in a satisfactor way, so got aw USB2 extender (with built-in repeater). The IR signale for the keyboard and mouse is now on top of the ikea DVD tower in the middle of the room out of sight. With a good enough signal to play games. The DVI cable is threaded under the radiator and though not perfectley hidden is not too obtrusive.

And the sound is also great.

So for a relativley small outlay, I have a viewsonic 19 inch monitor, a keyboard and mouse on the dinng table, whilst the MCE pc is quietley in the AV rack ,waiting for me to purchase a DLP so I can use that as the main screen.

Thought I'd share the experience anyway.

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Clever - I know its too late now but the Gyration mouse and keyboard have very good range. I used to have a PC in one room, and a massively long s-video and audio cable running through two walls to my tv/stereo in the other room... the gyration mouse worked through two solid brick internal walls!
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