One brand 5.1 system


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Have most of you got a one brand 5.1 speaker system?

I'm currently using Elac CL82MKII's for my HI-FI and am possible going to add a centre and surrounds. I used to use the Elac CM 80/4 centre and Mission 70ds surrounds in my previous flat, but the house we have at the mo won't accomodate that centre and surround setup.

What I'm looking for is something along the lines of the Monitor Audio Radius 180 centre(to sit on the mantle) and Radius 45 cubes as rears.

As said above I used to have an all Elac front array. How much difference will be apparent with a diff brand for centre and rear use? The 5.1 set up will be secondary to my Hi-Fi (Rega Mira, Marantz CD63 KI sig, Elac CL82MKII speakers)



Ian J

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Trevk said:
How much difference will be apparent with a diff brand for centre and rear use?

That depends on what sort of tonal match you can achieve with the centre to the main pair. If they are a fairly good match it may make little difference but if the sound is completely different it could be very noticeable and annoying.

IMO the voice matching of rears to the fronts isn't so critical for films, more so for multichannel music on DVDA or SACD but you have a seperate system for music anyway.


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Thanks Ian,

I think I'll try to find a dealer that accomodates home auditioning, or drag my speakers to them and have a listen to different setups.

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