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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Madders, Apr 4, 2002.

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    I just thought I would let you guys know of my experiences in setting up my home cinema. It has taken a couple of years to complete the set up (F-ing expensive hobbie!) but I have finally got a really nice system.

    Although the room is small (9'6" x 9'6") I have got M&K LCR55's at the front with the M&K 55 tripoles for the rears. The sub is a vx100 running from a Denon AVC-A10SE. I got this setup awhile ago but needed to save up for the projector.

    Although CRT would have been nice, the size of the units made it a non-viable option. I demoed the Sony VPL10HT set up at a professional home cinema specialist, but found the "black" to be too grey for my liking. I then demoed the Sim2 HT200. Nice picture but bad rainbow effect for my eyes. After waiting for the updates of both the Sim2 and the Sony the HT200DM was demoed. Great picture, very little rainbow effect. I thought that I had a winner until I saw the VPL11HT. Although I thought the HT200DM had the better picture, I found the difference to be minimal, and certainly not worth an extra £2,000. I therefore decided on the Sony 11HT. I got this off an internet store for £3,800 (grey import) set it up and found no dead pixels!!

    For the last 3 months this has been projecting against a greyish green wallpaper with a slight pattern. Over the Easter weekend I decided to build a screen using 1"x1" wood and white blackout material for the screen. It is 5'6" by just over 3'.

    Last night was the first time I could really hook everything up and watch an entire film - The Matrix. All I can say is it looked absolutely awesome!! This is using a Denon 2500 DVD player and s-video cable. When I demoed the VPL10 I used this film as the demo disc, in the first scene with Trinity running through the streets, I could hardly make out the characters it was so grey, on the VPL11HT the image was fantastically clear.

    I hope the above offers some inspiration to you guys just getting into home cinema.

    All I need now is a bigger flat.....

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