Once upon a time in mexico R3


F G Evans

Does anyone know whether this has the same extras as the Region 1 edition.

Its only £8.50 with vouchers on CD wow

Russ 66

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The R3 version is listed at 101 mins where as the R1 is 102 mins. This is either an error (both are NTSC) or the there has been cuts to the R3 version (which does happen).


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Watched the R3 last night and noticed the parts with Mexican dialogue are not subtitled. They are on the deleted scenes so I can only assume they were left out of the main film as it's assumed it will be watched with Thai subtitles.

I assume everyone else noticed this as well? There are quite a few scenes with Mexican dialogue so I wonder what bits I missed :confused:

Selecting english subtitles lets you know whats going on but obviously, the english bits are then still subtitled.

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